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Imminent Games is an independent video game company devoted to making the best games possible. We are avid gamers and know that games bring fun into life. We take great pride in our work and hope all of our efforts will please everyone in the gaming community.


Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Thomas Konkol   All rights reserved.

About Us
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Imminent Games casual indie video game Drip Drip for PC, Mac, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. Free Demo.

Thomas “Spike” Konkol

    Thomas started his professional artist career in 1990 as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Then, having a passion for games, in 1994 he went to work in the video game industry as an animator. From there he has held positions as Art Director, Lead Artist, Animator, and Game Designer at many companies. He has worked on 12 video games over the years. In 2009 Thomas decided to form Imminent Games and make his own games (the first being Drip Drip).

    Thomas is also an avid movie maker where he writes/collaborates with others, shoots and edits his own movies.

    To add to his creative credits, Thomas has written many books.  They include: Tuk-Tuk and the Shrillville series (They Came From The TV and Snow Spirits). He is currently working on the third installment for the Shrillville series.

    All of his work can be seen at http://thomaskonkol.com/Home.html

Blake “Cosmo” Drolson

    Blake has been programming computers for over 30 years, and loves that he works at making games come alive. He fell in love with interactive games and the idea that the game world was completely changeable if you changed the code, and that you could create anything that you could imagine.

    Blake has worked at various levels of programming, from entry level to lead programmer, and has credits on many titles both large and small.  He is excited to bring together his passion for both playing and creating games together at Imminent Games.

    For the pursuit of a better environment and social justice, Blake has engaged in many forms of social activism over the years. He helped form GMO-Free Kauai in 2002, in order to promote a transition from GMO to organic agriculture on his home island of Kauai. More information can be found at http://hawaiiseed.org/

    Blake is thankful for everyday of life, his wife and daughter, his extended family and friends, yoga, and the ability to laugh and have some fun everyday.